The Institute of Computing for Climate Science will be the first of its kind, supporting the application of the latest developments in computer science and data science to climate modelling.
Dr Emily Shuckburgh,
Academic Director of ICCS

The Institute of Computing for Climate Science studies and supports the role of software engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, and data science within climate science.

The institute comprises a collaboration between Cambridge Zero, the Departments of Computer Science and Technology, Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, and University Information Services at the University of Cambridge.

The institute forms part of the larger Virtual Institute for Scientific Software (VISS) established by Schmidt Futures addressing the growing demand for software engineers with backgrounds in science, complex data and mathematics who can build dynamic, scalable, open software to facilitate accelerated scientific discovery across fields. We work closely with the teams comprising the Virtual Earth Systems Research Institute (VESRI).


Journal Club Talk Oct 2022

11 October 2022 | Colm Caulfield, our Co-director ( Mathematics), presents the first of our monthly Journal Club Talks-

Hiring round 1

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Mailing list

18 February 2022 | Our new mailing list provide a place to share events, Call-for-Papers, and job adverts relevant to to res...

Press Releases

18 January 2022 | We are happy to publicly announce the new Institute of Computing for Climate Change. There have been various press releases about this new institute and the...